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About Snowboard Mountain Art
Snowboard Mountain Art was founded in Winter Park, Colorado in 2019. Our mission is to create unique artwork that's crafted by mounting stunning panoramic photographs onto snowboards.

About The Snowboard Artwork
To create the snowboard art, we mount a high quality panoramic photograph onto the front (top deck – where the bindings are attached) of the snowboard or the bottom of the snowboard (bottom deck – where the snowboard is waxed). After the photographs are mounted, the snowboards are covered in a durable resin, which is water resistant and UV (sunlight) resistant.

About The Photographs
We have panoramic photographs of ski slopes, winter scenes, fall scenes, flowers, wildlife, and more. All of the photographs, unless otherwise noted, were taken in Colorado by Antonia Lineaweaver. Very little, if any, photoshopping has been done to the photographs (other than to take out spots on the lens caused by dust or moisture). Our intent is to bring the beauty of Colorado to you, in its most unadulterated, natural form.

About The Snowboards
To create the artwork, we buy used snowboards, all sizes, types, and brands. Because of this, no two snowboards are the same.

Sizes Of Snowboard Artwork
In general, the size of the snowboards are:

Small (about 8 inches wide by 40 inches long)
Medium (about 10 inches wide by 50 inches long)
Large (about 12 inches wide by 60 inches long)

If you need to purchase a snowboard that’s a specific length, please contact us at

Hanging Your Snowboard Artwork
Each snowboard comes ready to hang on the wall. You can hang the snowboards on a picture frame hook, or even a nail.

Caring For Your Snowboard Artwork
It’s important that you take care with your board. Baby the snowboard like you would a piece of fine art (because it is!), and keep the snowboard out of direct sunlight.

If you have any further questions, please call (303) 587-9647, or e-mail