Antonia Lineaweaver, Photographer

antonia-lineaweaver-breckenridge-colorado.jpgNo one that I've ever known, more so than Toni Lineaweaver, has dedicated her life to “you only live once.” Long before YOLO was a catchphrase, Toni was doing it.

I first met Toni when she was in her seventies and we both lived in Winter Park, Colorado. At times, she sold real estate or did other jobs, but that was really only to pass the time between adventures. For whenever she could, she was in the forests around Winter Park, foraging for mushrooms, hiking to vantage points for spectacular shots, or looking for moose.

On hikes throughout Grand County, Toni regaled me with stories of learning to ski in the Alps, rising at four in the morning to catch sunrises over Colorado’s most noted peaks, and traveling deep into Colorado BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land to spend the night with wild horses.

I was particularly taken with her recollections of her wild horse trips. She went alone, in a Toyota Camry that had 160,000 miles on it, to areas that barely had roads, much less reliable cell phone coverage. Where she spent the night – in her car – there were no other people nearby, only the herds of wild horses. And in the early morning hours of isolation, she captured these majestic animals in their raw glory.

Through Toni’s eye and camera lens, we’re proud to bring you photographic artwork that reflects Colorado’s magnificence, from small moments in nature to timeless panoramas.

I hope the photographs inspire you to remember journeys of your own or to set off on new ones!

Jennifer Croft
Owner, Snowboard Mountain Art