Pink Sky Over Snowcapped Mountains


Pink Sky Over Snowcapped Mountains - Artwork Made From A Snowboard

This stunning photograph of a majestic pink sky over snowcapped mountains is mounted on a real snowboard. The artwork is ready to hang on your wall. The panoramic photograph depicts a sunset over the San Juan Mountains, in southwestern Colorado, near Ridgeway. In the photo, the mountain range with snow provides a dramatic backdrop for the pine trees in the foreground. And as the sun sets, just a slice of the magnificent Colorado blue sky remains.

Every snowboard artwork is hand-made, and available in small, medium, and large.

Small boards are approximately 8-10 inches wide by 40-45 inches long.

Medium boards are approximately 10-11 inches wide by 45-55 inches long.

Large boards are approximately 11-13 inches wide by 55-65 inches long.

To order a snowboard artwork, please e-mail

Photograph is copyrighted by Antonia Lineaweaver.