The Gore Range In Winter


The Gore Range In Winter - Artwork Made From A Snowboard

This stunning photograph of the Gore Range, near Vail, Colorado, is mounted on a real snowboard. The artwork is ready to hang on your wall. The panoramic photograph showcases the Gore Range, which rises to 12,000 feet and extends for sixty miles across Colorado. From the front side of Vail mountain, there’s a spectacular view of this majestic mountain range.

Every snowboard artwork is hand-made, and available in small, medium, and large.

Small boards are approximately 8-10 inches wide by 40-45 inches long.

Medium boards are approximately 10-11 inches wide by 45-55 inches long.

Large boards are approximately 11-13 inches wide by 55-65 inches long.

To order a snowboard artwork, please e-mail

Photograph is copyrighted by Antonia Lineaweaver.